Kawaii Boom Wall Decals

Especially for small humans PIXERS has prepared a wall decals collection called Kawaii Boom, with the main motif of Japanese kawaii, a unique quality of cuteness existing in the culture of Japan. It seems that it has become a prominent aspect of Japanese popular culture, entertainment, clothing, food, toys, personal appearance, behaviour, and mannerisms. The collection of sweet and lovely bunnies and bears will be attractive not only for kids, but also for older aficionados of anime and manga.

PIXERS - Kawaii Boom - Adventurous Rabbits

PIXERS - Kawaii Boom - Bunnies

PIXERS - Kawaii Boom - Ducks in the car

PIXERS - Kawaii Boom - Moon Bear

PIXERS - Kawaii Boom - Rabbit&Frog

PIXERS - Kawaii Boom - Rabbits

PIXERS - Kawaii Boom - Snap!

PIXERS - Kawaii Boom - Two Bears

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