Top 10 Foosball Tables

The FIFA World Cup is about to begin in a week and we can sense the football fever that is gonna affect football fans thick and fast all around the world as the tournament progresses. If you too are an avid soccer fan, but not getting an opportunity to show your football skills, thanks to your packed schedule or unavailability of a proper field, here is a collection of some most interesting foosball tables that lets you dribble, dodge, strike and tackle within the four walls of your home.

1. Audi soccer table

Audi Design tossed up its soccer table concept way back in 2008 that took about two years of contemplation and designing to come into production, but unfortunately in a limited edition of just 20 pieces. Featuring an emotion-packed design, the foosball table integrates aluminum and high-strength plastic fittings to the handcrafted wooden core, meeting the high standards of professional tournaments.

2. Offside Wenge

Designed by Borek Sipek, the Offside Weng is a convertible football table that other than entertaining your guests doubles as a dining/coffee table to dine with family and friends. When not used as a foosball table, the playing surface and bars of the table can be replaced with a wooden board, if you don’t wanna opt for a tempered glass tabletop, so it could be used as a normal table.

3. Robotic Foosball Table

If you are fed-up of waiting for your friends to show-up for a game then you need this Robotic foosball table with motion control experts which build a highly competitive automated opponent to tackle human players. Engineering students Tammy Chau, Jason Then, Matthew Turnbull, Sam Wan and Steven Cheng from the University of Adelaide design the award-winning robotic table. The automated foosball table features a 96-pinhole camera and LED sensor grid system to keep track of the ball’s position on the table.

4. Foosball Table by 2eleven Table Soccer

Innovative design, flowing shapes, convincing details and fine materials make this cool foosball table outperform others. The feature rich foosball table with built-in cup holders, monitors or advertisement displays on either sides, an automatic ball lift and a score display takes indoor sports to the next level.

5. Foosball Table by Touch Interactive

It’s the designs produced for Global Leisure UK by the designers at Touch Interactive that are demanding attention. Only once in a blue moon a product is born that soars above the competition! If you are a person who loves to be entertained and don’t like to settle for second best, then these game tables are just what you’d want to play on.

6. Diamond Plate Foosball Table

Dubbed the Diamond Plate Foosball Table, it promises fun and entertainment with style. Though the name may mislead you to believe that this gaming table is caked with diamonds or crystals, it doesn’t come with a single dazzling rock. The tag “Diamond” is justified by the diamond metallic plating on the table.

7. One-of-a-kind foosball table

This one off luxury piece is full scale, fully functional and is currently not in production. This single unit left is currently up for sale for a cool $9,500 and this amount can go bit higher or lower upon negotiation. Hand crafted by Jared Arp in 2007, this table has won awards in the design community for its contemporary aesthetic appeal backed by pure function.

8. Lux Minimalist foosball table

This is one of the most luxurious and good looking foosball tables I have ever seen. The Lux Minimalist foosball table is done in stainless steel, aluminum and ESG unbreakable glass. You can customize almost everything on it, including colors of the frame, legs and field.

9. The 11 Foosball table

GRO design and Tim model makers decided to take the poplar indoor sport, jazz it up to match the bling of an average uptown living room, and sell it under the guise of a football table called 11 – the beautiful game. And since we know well that those, er, life-loving Italians love their soccer just about as much as their women and their wine, it only made sense for the makers to debut their ingenious invention at the Milan Design Week scheduled to start mid-April.

10 Oxford Foosball table

Want to add a touch of the traditional to your game room? Check out the Oxford Foosball table from Orvis that would make a great addition to the den or family room. The gorgeous foosball game table touts an antique look with hand-carved wooden players, vintage-style wooden balls, brushed metal fittings, wood bead scorers, sturdy wooden handles, and a unique grass-like playing field under a glass top.


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