h!tention – express your things

Express your things

h!tention is a social bookmarklet sevice to collect and share things you find on the web. You can express your own trends in this social platform by connecting with the people through self values.

Fashion hitention MONK 1024x576 h!tention express your things

Sign in or Sign up to start it!! Any question? Please check FAQ

How to get started

1. Create your new account (sign up)
Please access to hitention.com/signup.

  • Sign up with your id, email, and password.
  • Or sign up with Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud, or Instagram account.

2. Account authentication
Please check your email, and click the authentication link.
*It might be into your spam folder.
*If you don’t get any authentication mail, please contact to hello@hitention.com

3. Complete your profile
Please complete your user profile to activate the full functions.

How to use it

1. Use the bookmarklet

  1. Please drag & drop hit it button to your browser favorites bar.
  2. Jump to any web page that you like to bookmark.
  3. Click the hit it button on that web page.
  4. Go back to your board. It is bookmaked into your board.

2. h!t Button
It is to bookmark the trends you like into your board.

3. Favorites Button
It is to privately bookmark the trends you like into your My Favorited board.

4. Follow Button
It is to follow the user you like.

5. Unfollow Button
It is to unfollow the user you like.

6. Activity
Please access to your activity. You will get noticed when people reacted any attention to your things.

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