Amazing Transparent Airplane Airbus

By the year 2050 it will have become a regular feature in the skies. The world’s first transparent plane is to become a common sight 29 years in the future. We all have heard of transparent ball point pens and transparent home PCs. But who hasheard much less seen a transparent plane. Too daring? Not for scientists who have madea prototype of this plane. The sky is the limit when it comes to scientific ideas that can be practically molded in to real form. Of course, it will be some time before this plane can fly the empyrean heights. But it is a thrilling and marvelous idea if indeed there ever was one. A design of this plane appears futuristic. It will be such exciting adventurism to scale the aeronautical miles on a see-through plane. Most thrill-seekers can hardly wait for the flights to begin.

Amazing Transparent Airplane Airbus (5)

Tickets will be up for grabs. For those who are a little afraid of flying, blindfolds may come in handy. But for the freedom-loving crowd there is even better news. The walls of the plane will display in flight entertainment and change color in accordance with the sunlight outside and the body heat of the passengers. There will be pop-up games and such latest cutting-edge technology will be available using which grand parents will be able to tell their grand children bed-time stories. There are further plans to keep the plane environment-friendly by making its structure from plant materials. The “bionic” structure would be a mime-sis of avian bones there by allowing the plane to be very light-weight.

Amazing Transparent Airplane Airbus (4)

And as if that were not enough, the membranes can become transparent or translucent on one touch of a button depending upon the customer’s preference. There will be so many special features that one almost feels as if it is a world of its own. And so it is. The Airbus will be a virtual chameleon that will make seamless travel a reality and not just a fantasy. All sensation-seekers are looking forward to the day when this sweet dream is realized. As the saying goes: “That will be the day!”

Amazing Transparent Airplane Airbus (3)

Amazing Transparent Airplane Airbus (2)

Amazing Transparent Airplane Airbus (1)


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