6 Unconventional Vape Mods

While some people enjoy their e-cigarettes looking like the real thing, not everyone is satisfied the way they come out of the box. Large communities have been formed around creating and sharing different types of modifications one can make to their vape device. In general, there are two types of modifications vape users can make to their e-cigarettes: aesthetic and functional.

Aesthetic mods change the way the user’s e-cigarette looks, from its shape to its design. Some users modify their e-cigarettes to look simple in wooden boxes, while others pimp out theirs with precious metals and gems. Others even create novelty e-cigarettes, such as vape devices in beer cans.

Functional mods change the way the user’s e-cigarette works. There are three categories for this type of mod: custom battery mods, cartridge mods, and atomizer mods. Battery mods usually increase the voltage of the e-cigarette, creating more vapor production and a stronger ‘hit’. Battery mods can also increase the lifespan of the battery. Cartridge mods can allow a larger liquid solution capacity, make it easier to refill or increase the amount of liquid solution that passes through the atomizer at a time. Atomizer mods will usually affect the flavor or strength of a vapor hit.

It should be noted however that modifications done to any e-cigarette will nearly always void its warranty, and that making modifications to an e-cigarette’s battery can be dangerous if done wrong.

Mods can come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Here are some great examples of aesthetic mods that can inspire any vape user to foray into modding their e-cigarette.

Heath Robinson Steampunk E-Pipe

Heath Robinson

While some people may be content with their e-cigarettes looking like regular cigarettes, this mod by Mycroft Milverton is perfect for those who want to look and feel a little bit more British. This mod combines the class of a pipe with a steampunk aesthetic to create a unique and decorative piece that will often be a conversation piece.

Wood Box Steampunk E Cig Mod

steampunk wood e cig mod

This mod uses the steampunk aesthetic in decoration rather than in form. Rather than change the whole form of the e-cigarette, the modder has instead decorated the wooden casing with brass dials, knobs, and a clock face. Steampunk envisions a world where technology is powered by steam. Knowing this, it’s not a surprise that many vape users modify their e-cigarettes to resemble steampunk technology. This type mod is great for vapers who would like to give their e-cigarette a bit more personality, but still keep it pocketable.

1200 Euro Gold E-Cigarette

1200 Silver-Gold-E-Cigarettes

For some people, having a simple e-cigarette is not enough. While some would prefer class, others would prefer cold hard cash. This modded e-cigarette was supposedly made by a Parisian jeweler. Plated in gold and encrusted with what seems to be precious jewels, it was reportedly sold for 1,200 Euros. This is a great example for vape users who would like to bling out their e-cigarettes, and have the cash to do so.

NES Controller E-Cigarette

NES Controller-E-Cig

Gaming is often a passion that never dies. Many people bring their love for videogames well into adulthood. This mod brings one’s love for videogames to a new level. The casing of a Nintendo controller serves as the new home for this vaper’s e-cigarette. It even has an internal display where the Select and Start buttons used to be. Vapers who are into the vintage aesthetic or simply really love video games should look into mods similar to this.

Gun Handle E-Cigarette

Gun Handdle E Cig

This e-cigarette mod was found in, not surprisingly, a gun shop. It is a basic box mod where the e-cigarette is placed in a different container. However for this mod, it was placed into the wooden grip of a revolver. The e-cigarette is ‘fired up’ or activated when one pulls the silver trigger. There’s just the question of how comfortable one will be putting this up to their mouth. Still, this mod is great for vapers who like to live a little more dangerously.


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