Landscape Photography – Tools of the Trade

If you’ve ever taken a landscape shot in the early morning hours and tried to review it on your camera’s LCD, then you know just how difficult this can be. No matter which way you turn and twist your camera, the LCD screen always seems to covered with glare from the sun, preventing you from seeing if you got the shot you wanted. Even the latest high resolution LCD screens found on the Canon 50D and 5D Mark II can be frustratingly difficult to read in direct sunlight.

Hoodman HoodLoupe and Case

Luckily, Hoodman Corporation makes a wonderful little device called the HoodLoupe which completely solves this problem. When it’s time to review your shot all you need to do is bring Hoodloupe up to your LCD and look through the eye cup for glare free viewing.

Hood Loupe

The HoodLoupe adjusts focus just like a binocular eye piece and minimal magnification is used to eliminate any pixilation of the image being viewed. Each HoodLoupe comes with a lanyard and compact protective storage case. At $80 (USD) it’s not cheap but the HoodLoupe is a real necessity for outdoor photography.

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