Action Photography: Inspirational Showcase & Tips for Photographers

We live in a dynamic world where everything moves constantly either by itself or forcibly by others. Sometimes we see things move at such a quick pace that they seem blurry and our eyes cannot process the entire sequence clearly. But all thanks to the photography art, with the help of which we can freeze the time to get better sight at the action. That is what we call Action Photography.

It’s an immensely interesting sphere of photography art that needs an extra ordinary level of photography expertise, creative mind set and specialized technical resources. Once you come up with all these attributes, the results are incredible masterpieces and unexpected for viewers. Action photography is all about the timing. Being in the right place and clicking at the right time is all that a photographers needs to do. The best thing about action photography is the ability to capture dynamics and express them through statics.

Few Tips for Action Photography

1) Make a plan first: You need to plan in advance as far as your location set up is concerned. Choose the place to get settled where you can find more actions and capture them effectively in your camera.

2) Pre-focusing: This is a very useful technique that can be used by a photographer. Study the subject, the action he/she is going to perform and pre focus the camera lenses where the most critical action is going to take place.

3) Don’t miss out the face: Don’t miss the facial expression if there is a person in action. The facial expression contributes a lot in the success of action photography.

4) Shoot in burst mode: As it is a tough task to get the perfect image in just one exposure, so it would be better to keep your camera in burst mode function while shooting a critical moment. This will help you to shoot various frames in just 1 second. But don’t forget to switch over to continuous mode, as the action photography is the game of timing.

5) Open both eyes while shooting: Closing one eye lessens the sense of depth and restrict your eyes ability to track the entire moment efficiently. It undoubtedly takes a lot of practice, but practice makes man perfect.

6) Inspiration: Being in a creative profession, one must needs more and more ideas to come up with better and better results. As inspiration is the producer of ideas, so look out for the work done by other great photographers. The inspiration you will get from those will help you to generate more ideas, and hence to get better results.

7) Timing: Timing is everything in this kind of photography. The moment you want to click will be of less than micro seconds, so missing out that second will put your efforts in vain.

8) Practice: Photography is not as simple as people think. It needs a lot of practice, intelligence and hard work to become a great photographer. Photography is not just clicking the pictures; it should reveal the story behind the pictures. Action photography is one of the most difficult spheres of photography where lot of practice is needed in order to come up with the desired goal.

Some amazing examples of action photography can be seen below,

Muhammad Fadli

Cow Race


Aero Dance

Chris Hultner

Sunset Ride

Lex Augusteijn

Drop Shot

Vedran Vidak


Lina Ianeva

Born To Surf

Paul Kennedy

Kim Portrait



Jamal Alayoubi


Ayie Permata Sari


Fredrik Lonnqvist


Keith P

Not PLanned

Jeff Farsai

The Save

Christopher Griffin

Warrior Games

Nat Sakhonbut

Roller Coaster

Ken Hermann

City Surfers

Rhys Logan


Hal Bickham

Car Race

Timothy Armes




Eduardo Amorim

Horse Ride 2

S Alex Maier

Dog Fight

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