RAP: new single out now “dreams dreamed” of Neapolitan rapper IABO. Beat made with samples of his father, the Neapolitan singer Mimmo Rocco died in 2007.

IABO art son was born as writers in the mid-90s, he met the newly formed crew of 13 Bastardi where he joined in 1996, with whom he begins to experience the first Rap, playing in various Jam in Naples. During his career in the world of ‘Hip hop after meeting with the historic crew KTM (Ki ta’ Muort) of La Famiglia he joined in 2000 from that moment on he decided to devote himself entirely to a single discipline; the writing, temporarily abandoning the Rap, but continued to write lyrics and rap do on his own, and maintaining a strong tie with the Neapolitan scene. IABO is noticed by the contemporary art world in fact from 2006 to 2012 participated in over 50 solo and group exhibitions in Europe and in the United States.
In 2007 his father died the Neapolitan singer * Mimmo Rocco die of a heart attack during a show.
IABO growing in music and absorbing from the father the “sound” of that over the years has always thought of sampling the vinyls of his father some samples and turn them into songs Rap, IABO had tried several times to do it, but he missed a beat maker . This was an idea that always rode in his head, until now almost five years since the death of his father IABO decided to release his first album dedicated to his father, and finally pull out his music, in fact all beats are sampled come only the vinyls of his father.

“Suonn Sunnat” (Dreams dreamed) first extract from ‘IABO album titled “Beta Test” which is slated for the second half of 2013 which will see the participation of some of the best exponents of the music of Hip Hop Italian .

The song throws the message “Pull dreams out of the drawer, or make the mildew”
the video is shot entirely in the studio, aseptic, almost surreal, the set dominated by a chest containing golden dreams specially arranged in drawers, synthesized through the logos of the A4 paper. Sleepwalkers “crazy” that between wakefulness and sleep are the frantic search of their dreams, wandering in this unreal environment with a single purpose, to pull out the drawers their dreams at any cost. The rapper wearing pajamas revisited striped red, white and black, of ‘famous logo that the “Permaflrex” travel in this surreal world between dream and reality in imaginary scenarios.

The video clip online by January 22, 2013, sees the director, art direction, and set design by the same IABO in collaboration with Enzo Cref of Capeccapa, with filming and photography by Vincenzo Capasso.
In the video there is a special appearance by Paolo Shaone Romano, one of the greatest exponents of Hip Hop Italian, and a member of the historical group “La Famiglia”

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